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Who we can help

We can help you with your Open Innovation needs

Exnovate connects researchers who have top expertise in different subjects related to digital innovation ecosystems, open innovation, and innovation networks. Exnovate offers a platform to set up innovation projects that may fit in international research programs.

In addition, we develop management frameworks for companies in their search for good practices in digital ecosystem management and open innovation.


Teaching cases about open innovation and digital ecosystems are developed to illustrate how management issues can be solved.


Exnovate is a platform bringing together companies that are experienced or interested in open & collaborative innovation.


We offer three types of services:



Digital technologies enables powerful new business models, but they require digital ecosystem management (DEM) to succeed. We explore DEM in precision agriculture, healthcare, energy and mobility. 



Practical advise for large and medium sized companies in open innovation


Open and collaborative innovation is imperative for SMEs. We advise small firms based on best practices in Europe

Public Policy 

Open innovation and digital ecosystems can be a tremendous driver for regional and international prosperity.

Public policy can have a major influence on the facilitation of open innovation and the effectiveness of digital ecosystems.


Exnovate assists intermediaries, regulators and policy makers in designing appropriate guidelines or in facilitating the development of digital ecosystems.


Exnovate does not offer first line advice. The success of open innovation generated a fast growing market for all kinds consulting and service firms. Identification of the right providers is difficult and a standard for the service quality is non-existent. This is where Exnovate can play a role.


Venture Capital

Venture capitalists have played a crucial role in the development of open innovation. This said there are still enormous inefficiencies in the development of technology markets. Exnovate wants to be active during the following years in developing new ways to monetize the largely untapped patent repositiories in big companies. Venture capital companies can play a crucial role in and benefit from bringing these technologies to the market


Other services

Most companies have a difficult time in deciding on which consultants or service providers to choose to assist in planning and implementing an Open and Collaborative innovation (OCI) strategy. Exnovate intends to play a role in matching up these companies and OCI vendors.The main target is to increase transparency and to guarantee the quality of the solutions or services provided. There are different ways to achieve these objectives. Exnovate is currently exploring some initiatives to reach this target by. There is an advantage to all parties involved in this process: firms have lower search cost and improved service quality and best practices on the Exnovate website can dramatically raise the level of exposure for high quality service providers. Wat can you expect from Exnovate: A. Requests to solve OCI related management problems. We welcome service providers with expertise in management of OCI to join the Exnovate network. By registering you will be informed about requests or calls from companies about their questions related to the managment and organization of their OI activities. Registration is free, but membership (annual membership fee) is required in order to participate as a supplier of ideas and solutions in response of particular resquests.When you register, enter :your contact informationyour profile and specific areas of experise in OCI B. Some service providers are interested in setting up large scale online surveys or other type of studies that can provide new key insights on managing OCI. Exnovate can be the ideal virtual platform to set up online surveys about OCI management. Exnovate ensures respondents that their name contact information will not be be shared with the service providers unless companies explicitly give permission to do so. C. We welcome other ideas from service providers where the neutrality and platform function of Exnovate can play a significant role in advancing our knowledge about the management en organization of OCI.


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