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Open Innovation in SMEs

Cambridge University Press - forthcoming 2016




1.  Open innovation in SMEs

1.1 Why should SME managers embrace Open Innovation?

1.2 Modeling open innovation in SMEs


2.  Business model innovations in SMEs

2.1 Business model innovation in SMEs to sidestep the commodity trap

2.2 The role of the initial business concept or vision

2.3 Innovate beyond products and services: the relevance of the experience economy for innovating SMEs

2.4 Different ways SMEs can create value

2.5 Key takeaways


3.  A dynamic view on model innovation

3.1 Stepwise discovery of new business models

3.2 The process of discovering new applications

3.3 Diversify or not?

3.4 Building and exploiting reputation and brand

3.5 Key takeaways


4.  How SMEs create and capture value through open innovation

4.1 How SMEs create value through open innovation?

4.2 Capturing value in open innovation

4.3 Key takeaways


5.  Managing innovation partners and networks

5.1 Managing innovation partners and the innovation network

5.2 Managing intellectual property in open innovation

5.3 Key takeaways


6.  How can startups collaborate with large companies?

6.1 What are startup–corporate partnerships?

6.2 Why would a startup want to partner with a corporation?

6.3 Why would a corporation want to partner with a startup?

6.4 How are corporations finding suitable startups to work with?

6.5 What should startups be looking for in corporate partnerships?

6.6 How can startups negotiate with large firms?

6.7 Key takeaways


7.  Two examples of how SMEs collaborate with large companies

7.1 Collaborating with large companies

7.2 Isobionics: Turning a large firm’s unused technology into a business

7.3 The Airfryer: A large company creating value based on a small firm’s technology

7.4 Key takeaways


8.  Working effectively with innomediaries

8.1 Open-Photonics: an open innovation intermediary in the photonics industry

8.2 SensoDx and the use of optics in point-of-care diagnostics

8.3 FuelUp: Matching startups and large companies

8.3.1  The business offering

8.3.2  Some lessons for startups who intend to partner with corporations:

8.4 Key takeaways


9.  How to apply open innovation in your SME?

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