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PlaceWare: Issues in Structuring a Xerox Technology Spinout

Henry W. Chesbrough

Xerox has established a process to spin out technologies it develops that do not fit with its current business needs. To structure these "spinouts," a number of issues arise on how to treat people and intellectual property. PlaceWare is the first technology to go through this process.

Learning Objective

To analyze commercializing technology and corporate entrepreneurship.


Pub Date: Dec 4, 1998(Revised: May 24, 1999)

Discipline:  Operations Management

Subjects: Commercialization, Innovation, Intellectual property, R&D, Spin-offs, Technology

Source: Harvard Business School

Product #: 699001-PDF-ENG

Teaching note: Available

Industry: Computers & electronics, Internet services, Software publishing

Geography: United States

Length:18 page(s)

Key themes

VC interaction -Spin-out

Commercialization of technology

New BM

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