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A Profile of Open Innovation Managers in Multinational Companies


Wim Vanhaverbeke, Jim Cheng and Henry Chesbrough


Open innovation is widely used in large companies and we know increasingly more about how to manage this process. In contrast, we know virtually nothing about the managers and practitioners who are driving open innovation in large companies. Who are the managers operating in open innovation teams or units? What is their profile? How long do they stay in an open innovation job, and what is their tenure in the company? Where did they work before their open innovation job, and more interestingly, where do they go afterwards? Do they leave or do they stay in the company? Are they promoted and what is the likelihood of a promotion if they leave the company? We try to answer these questions based on an investigation of open innovation managers on LinkedIn.



Open Innovation and Public Policy in Europe


Wim Vanhaverbeke and Henry Chesbrough


In this report, we combine new research and analysis on open innovation with focused interviews of major participants in the European innovation system. The result is a series of recommendations for public policies that could, if implemented, improve the climate for open innovation to take place in the European Union – and thereby improve the competitiveness of the European economy overall. Taken together, these recommendations comprise an informal 'charter' for EU open innovation policy


Open Innovation in the Music Industry

Dirk Wauters


In this short essay, Dirk Wauters shows an 2016 update of the initial work of Henry Chesbrough on open innovation in the music industry. the essay shows that the 'incumbents' have adapted relatively well in recent years to the new digital environment. 

The industry itself has nevertheless further evolved and is adapting to the new digital reality, whereby the subscription streaming model and live music have become the major growth drivers. In this new environment, new opportunities for open innovation arise in each of the industry segments. 

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