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Digital technologies, new business models & innovation ecosystem management


Digital technologies are transforming regulated industries (agriculture, healthcare, energy and mobility in particular). The transformation goes hand in hand with a growing need to establish, scale and manage innovation ecosystems. Nobody has ready-to-use answers how to do that, but by asking critical questions and exploring good practices across industries, we may end up knowing what works and what doesn't.

Why I focus on precision agriculture, healthcare, energy and mobility?

  • These four sectors are economically important. They represent a large chunk of the GDP.

  • There are considerable value chain inefficiencies

  • Data is increasingly a crucial driver for changes

  • Traceability, sustainability, prevention, become prominent elements in value creation

  • Solving global challenges: food supply, reliable and affordable healthcare, global warming, sustainable and safe mobility

  • To introduce digital technologies complex ecosystems with multiple partners will be necessary

  • Digital technology providers (even the large ones) don’t have the power to change the business processes in these sectors

  • Regulating is a key variable in the digitalization process – public authorities have to be included as partners

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